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Green apple Benefits for skin and health

Apples are among the most blessed fruits that God has blessed us with. Because there are many essential nutrients that have become an important component of the diet. There are three types, red, yellow, and green, all of which have a sweet and sour taste and that green is good for you - green is among the healthiest fruits known for a long time. It consists of a number of calories, including proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which reduce digestive spasms, reduce blood cholesterol, control blood sugar, and increase appetite. . Discover the most important features for free here

Green apple Benefits for skin and health
Green apple Benefits for skin and health

What are the benefits of green apples for the body

1- Rich in fiber, it controls and stimulates food's digestion process. An increased bowel movement causes this to happen. It is recommended to eat apple peel. Normal tissues and stomach, you will be happier.
2- Increasing in human nutrition, as it contains a variety of important and necessary for human health,iron, zinc, copper, potassium and others that help increase metabolism rates.
3- The percentage of fat is lower, which is for those who monitor their weight because it is a gr meal. In their daily meal plan, individuals who follow levels or frequent athletes can make apples. It fights the fats in the vessels and helps stroke by ensuring adequate flow to the heart.
4- It protects the skin from cancer, as it is rich in vitamin C, so it is useful in avoiding cell damage and thus less infection.
5- It contains antioxidants and contains that rebuild cell structure. This allows you to maintain healthy and radiant . The antagonists provide protection for the liver and keep it functioning properly.
6- It prevents the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease. Eating  green apples in the morning avoids the risk of aging like Alzheimer's disease. It also maintains your health
7- It cleanses your body from toxins because it contains full of healthy fibers, and maintains the liver, kidneys and gut system from pollutants and harmful elements, as list as a availability from the problem of constipation. The content of phytochemicals helps eliminate the risk of colon .
8- A high rate nutritious in copper, iron, potassium and these . In order to maintainhealth, these ingredients play the role of the boss. Iron is the most , as it has the ability to rapidly absorb oxygen and improve 
9- Tonic for the liver and kidneys Green apple , besides being a natural detoxifying agent for the kidneys, is actually a balanced antagonist in sufficient quantity that antagonists in radicals from damaging the liver. It includes the proper functioning of the liver, while maintaining your health
10- Useful to get rid of fats, prepare a snack of satiety between your meals with this green cocktail. Green apples are high in fiber and low in , sugar and sodium
11- It protects you from inflammatory disorders. There is a dose of antioxidants in green apple as described above. Indeed, these antioxidants help protect many painful inflammatory caused by oxidative stress, such as rheumatism and arthritis. Studies have indicated that green should be used in foods for the elderly with certain inflammatory conditions

The interest of green apple for the flogging

The perfect beauty enhancer is apple green. It is associated with a lot of skin and hair care benefits.
1- A good anti-aging ingredient because it is characterized by slowing down premature aging, and antioxidants such as vitamin A and C and phenols in green apples help the appearance of wrinkles
2- Helps nourish the skin. Green apple is slightly beneficial and has excellent whitening and nourishing effects due to its dense content of. Her care regimen consists of various vitamins and . The collagen and elastin proteins the boost, which in turn is done through similar nourishment and repair from within
3- It infections. Sometimes a lack of leads to a predisposition against many diseases. Green apple ensures that you of essential amounts . It  provides the highest protection.
4- It limits and the breakout of pimples. Green apple is a very remedy against acne. It allows you to eat green apple day and avoid pimples.
5- Removes black eye shaving. It is a sign of aging. The topical use of fresh , as texture as the internal intake, are known to have an effect as 

Hair Benefits Of Green Apples

 Green apple is not only ideal for skins , but also for hair. Here we mentioned some of the benefits of green for your hair.
1- Removes dandruff, include a paste of green apple leaves and peel them. You can use this dough as Shanbo. When massaging the scalp frequently, green often has the same properties
2- Improves hair growth: Green apple , found in an attractive group of , is a remedy for improving hair. Plus, you won't find any hair loss. Using this juice is often considered as a hair growth stimulator. We can say that for long and strong hair b
3- Green apples fight dandruff, by regulating acidity in the scalp, secreting sebum from the scalp, improving shine and smoothness, and making it healthier.

In conclusion, green apples are considered one of the most useful fruits with the highest compared to their competitor other fruits, however they are useful to you