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Learn about the Indian installment

Due to the many questions about the Indian premium and the lack of knowledge of many about it and its importance, I posted this to you in response to your questions in the comments, knowing that several publications in the group had been published before that by the officials ... Its name is Indian premium, Indian Oud or Bahri premium, all of which are the same name and exist. At all perfumers with the same name

Indian installment

What is the Indian installment?

Indian premium is a ginger-family herb native to India. It's one of the Indian plants whose roots are known as Indian oud, and it's been employed in a variety of therapeutic therapies for a long time. When soaked or added to food and drinks, the Indian premium has a nice smell and turns a yellow or light brown hue. Let's learn more about the advantages of the Indian premium in this article.

There are two kinds of them:

1) The marine premium is a white-colored product.
2) The black installment, which is actually brown rather than black.
Each has its own set of applications. It's mixed with honey, strewn all over the body, anointed with it, given birth to, and painted with the original olive oil.

Benefits of the Indian installment

  • Problems with glands and hormones help to balance all of the body's glands and correct any high or low imbalances. It has been tried on a large number of patients and has proven to be quite beneficial.
  • A general tonic as well as a nerve tonic.
  • In the blood, it acts as a solvent for cholesterol.
  • It is a repellent of envy and the eye from the body and is beneficial to brain cells, memory enhancer, and eliminates obsessive-compulsive disorder by rolling, spraying, and crushing on the body.
  • Diuretic
  • Drink it with water, massage it, and apply it with olive oil to repel gases and winds.
  • A blood purifier that protects against infections and regulates the number of white blood cells in the body.
  • Regular use of this pancreas tonic prevents diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as lowering high blood sugar levels by a significant amount.
  • Blood pressure is lower.
  • Expanded veins and arteries. For eating, mix it with honey, and warm olive oil for the elderly. For a month, apply it from top to bottom where arteries are congested. Atherosclerosis is completely eliminated.
  • It's good for joint pain.
  • A powerful antibiotic used to treat tonsils and chest problems.
  • Drink on an empty stomach and sleep on your right side every day if you have liver or kidney problems.
  • It eliminates the common cold with incense and steaming as well as inhalation with water to eradicate the meat of the nose and sinuses. When it comes to the young, it's a perfect match. It (the archer) is also born with a small piece of it in the mouth, similar to frankincense. What the Prophet, may God's blessings and peace be upon him, said about him is that he is good, because good and evil do not mix in the same body.
  • Snuff instillation for young children removes sinus problems. The water should be dripped twice a day into the nose and on the navel, preferably the white installation.
  • Instead of aspirin and thyroxine, a blood thinner is used.
  • A clot remover that dissolves all types of clots and prevents artery hardening.
  • The jinn and demons become tired of it, therefore good and evil cannot exist in the same body.
  • Thyroid and other glands are regulated by this hormone.
  • It was mixed to other sorts of herbs such as alanda and loofah, and sugar and proteins were stopped while eating it, and it treated many types of cancer.
  • It is banned to become pregnant during therapy, therefore take 9 tablespoons with a spoon of honey to avoid miscarriages, delay pregnancy, and regulate the milk hormone in women.
  • Treatment for anemia.
  • Eating a raisin palm with raisin seeds, black grapes, and silver, together with water and pottery, is a colon therapy.
  • Drink it every day as a constipation cure.
  • Treatment for multiple sclerosis.
  • A third-tested use of red blood cell fungus, athlete's foot fungus, and dandruff hair fungus reduces hair loss.
  • It is contraindicated during menstruation because of the risk of bleeding.
  • Olive oil is used to treat sweat fat in women.
  • It is highly prohibited for pregnant women to use since it aborts the fetus and prohibits breastfeeding.

How to use the installment

  1. drinking Most ailments can be treated by grinding fine agarwood and combining it with water.
  2. archenemy It entails inserting a portion of it intact or crushed in one of the mouth's two sides. It can be used to cure gum, tooth, almond, and virginity disorders, as well as to cut phlegm, remove bad breath, treat sinuses, and eliminate the consequences of smoking.
  3. snuff It is the treatment of respiratory disorders in general by inhaling a ground component or its water with its train.
  4. a painting (paint) Cooked on the fire for seven minutes with seven tablespoons premium and two cups olive oil, then cooled and filtered. It's used for joint discomfort, rheumatism, skin problems in general, such as alopecia, psoriasis, dandruff, burns, and dissections, as ear drops for allergies, sunscreen, and to get rid of freckles, melasma, and acne, as well as to remove freckles, melasma, and acne. It has a honey covering that eliminates traces.
  5. fumigation Premium incense is good, and when mixed with nails or camphor, it can be sweetened and scented to treat phlegm, sore throats, and throat infections, as well as treat touch and mental diseases.
  6. fertilization It is crushed and combined with water, honey, or olive oil, or left alone, to moisturize diabetes patients' wounds, boils, warts, ulcers, and bedsores.
  7. protrusion It involves spraying and cleansing the body with water, then sprinkling the powder on the body, the sweating areas, the armpits, the feet, the palms, the thighs, and the eyes.
The use of the Indian installment a number of times in most cases, twice a day, drink on an empty stomach and before bedtime....

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